How to upload Python ML model to ThingSpeak? | Python vs MATLAB processing.

The more specific procedure required to Upload Python ML Model To ThingSpeak to perform the python to MATLAB data Processing and analysis.

MATLAB and ThingSpeak both are the products of MathWorks, Inc. highly implements the data, matrix, and mathematical modeling and applications.

Similarly python also the best programming tool for mathematical modeling, data processing, and analytics solutions.

In Simple words having a good understanding of python and MATLAB can solve matrix-based and data-based projects and their solution easily.

What is ThingSpeak?

MathWorks has invented the ThingSpeak an IoT-based data analysis platform service that enables the developer to combine, process, analyze and visualize the small or big data in the cloud environment.

It also supports the data analysis on live streaming data with the help of API for direct connection to the cloud system.

ThingSpeak specifically uses for analytics and visualization of data using MATLAB code and it helps to perform online analysts using MATLAB.

ThingSpeak system essentially uses for IoT devices or IoT systems generated data analytics with cloud supported system.

What is MATLAB?

Matlab is the mathematical programming language utilized for several data and mathematical problem solving and model building.

It has multiple programming solutions and uses for web development, data visualization, parallel computing, algorithms development, and cloud computing many more.

Matlab is the matrix-based programming solution use to develop mathematical analysis and machine learning modeling.

How to Upload ML model to ThingSpeak?

The maximum amount of developers and engineers utilizes python programming for different data science and machine learning operation.

Doing the technical analysis work some type you need several tools and technologies in the same project execution.

For example, if someone working on multimedia data capturing and the person wants to convert python code into MATLAB because he wants to access the ThingSpeak.

For this specific reason, understanding MATLAB and its functionality make the dependency and conversion process of the python into  MATLAB is necessary to implement python to MATLAB code.

Now in form of collection and capturing tasks in MATLAB ThingSpeak is usually utilized to collect and analyze the data.

There are two approaches to use python code in MATLAB or MATLAB code in Python Vice versa operation and working on Upload of Python ML Model To ThingSpeak is very easy.

The first one is there is no need to convert your python code into MATLAB for implementing and processing because python provides certain levels of Application programming interfaces like API for direct data execution of MATLAB commands inside a python script.

Another approach you can develop to call the python commands from inside MATLAB programming using the given steps that you can check on the MathWorks Website.

How to convert python code to MATLAB?

The two ways to convert or change the python code development to Matlab first is creating the User-define function and second is defining the python library or module in MATLAB.

The first way to process python code in MATLAB can be possible by creating a python user define function.

You can do that step by step by referring to the code and procedure given on the MathWorks platform you can check here.

The second approach to convert python into MATLAB you can do that by using the python libraries or package directly into the MATLAB check the detailed process in this link.


Python and MATLAB both are highly used for data modeling, analysis, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and research purpose.

Having a good understanding of python and MATLAB is significant and knowing the python to MATLAB conversing is the plus point.

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