What Is Cloud Computing? – Example, Components, Platforms

Understanding the cloud and its usability is pretty much complex for most people still today and what is cloud computing and its example is the second box thought for them.

Getting the basic approach about cloud computing and what it does it is enough for most of the non-technical person if they know what cloud does.

But for the technical person getting to know the exact ABCD of the cloud is much important because after all in the future all the businesses are going to be on the cloud.

And 80 to 90% It engineers are going to work on cloud systems that are the fact, getting the complete picture about cloud and cloud computing is very crucial.

So let’s understand about cloud-first in brief and letter on we will explore about cloud computing in detail.

What is Cloud?

Cloud is the system where you can store, backup, or upload your data daily transactional data for example everyone uses a smartphone and the internet on daily basis and you use different apps for multiple functionalities.

Where those apps come from those are mostly stored on the cloud and if you delete that from your phone you can download that again from the cloud because it is always there on the cloud.

Similar to your media files like photos, videos, songs, etc. all are there in your phone if it gets to delete you can restore that from the cloud also if it is already taken as backup based on the internet.

If you use any website or if your website is hosted on a web hosting provider website that hosting company mostly uses a cloud system to store your personal website data.

Why Cloud Computing?

Understanding about the question like why cloud computing? this is the very crucial part before knowing its usability.

In the above few lines, you have got the idea about what is cloud and cloud computing now to get a detailed view of Why do we need to learn about cloud computing? This is also that important.

So, let me help you to explore why this is so essential to you, if you are a student and using your personal computer or an IT professional working in a company you all are using the cloud because it is everywhere the same line internet.

If you think What Is Cloud Computing suitable Example or the different suitable platform for the cloud and the answer is Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

These are extremely used for application build, deployment, and accessibility everywhere and anytime globally.

The cloud can be utilized and consume for several types of services or for products because it is reliable, robust, and highly efficient in terms of cost and implementation of work.

What are the Components of Cloud Computing?

1. Large Storage:

Tireless Storage implies you have a spot on Microsoft’s server to store your documents and different information. At the point when you save a record to a cloud-facilitated storage account, the document ought to stay set up always or possibly until you move or erase it.

Based on cloud usability like storage and computation you have to pay the cost which means you need to pay that much only.

2. Computing Power:

Cloud provides the fastest computing and execution engine like spark and Hadoop to handle large amounts of data.

It gives raw computing power using a central processing unit (CPU) and random-access memory (RAM) that form the platform for applications and data.

It is available everywhere at any time for any business and every organization can build a private cloud that can share most of the attributes of a public cloud and it can be local to its private network environment.

3. Network System:

In cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure provides a software-oriented network administration on that you build your virtual machines and other Azure services.

Cloud is probably the interchangeable system with the web that means the cloud quite often includes an Internet association.

It can create a network with other cloud environments or other big data computing engines to share the resources and data.

The example of networking like you can access multiple cloud data using integration like AWS, Google Cloud, or IBM Cloud, etc. in the azure systems for computing operations.

4. Powerful Orchestration:

In the cloud computing system, you can do multiple orchestrations in a single system to solve the multilevel tasks on your business data.

Azure provides a service called azure data factory that can solve several types of data flow issues in traditional systems and it helps to build strong orchestration of data services.

It’s possible over the top expensive to give power to all the hardware important to have your applications and administrations in one place.

5. Analytics and Tracking Service:

You’ll never contact the cloud suppliers’ register, stockpiling, or organization assets. The nearest you’ll get is seeing its telemetry information in your internet browser or from an administration application. Hence,

Azure and other public cloud suppliers give you instruments to see definitively the number of services you consume through every moment.

Cloud analytics service additionally offers you important investigating and performance tuning help for your cloud foundation.

Organizations are keen on utilizing the cloud since it permits them to offload a ton of what’s terrifying, irritating, and additionally costly about keeping an on-premises server system.

6. Capital Expenditure:

When you build and run an on-premises data center system, that mostly you either rent your physical servers or purchase them outright which creates more cost.

Similarly, the setup and maintenance of the on-promises system are usually high as compared to a cloud system,s and the computing process is also more efficient.

If build an on-premises system for handling the business data that can cost you a lot like all that hardware can be expensive and the more maintenance cost.

7. Configuration and Security:

On the off chance that you can’t bear the cost of a Local or on-promises system and if your current assets are increases then it hands to handle.

it very well may be too simple to even consider leaving a weakness set up on an on-premises worker that can be undermined by troublemakers.

Paradoxically, when you utilize a public cloud administration like Azure, you depend upon Microsoft’s human and AI-based knowledge system to assist with keeping your applications, administrations, and information safe.

Do you see the pattern here? Distributed computing is famous in light of the fact that it’s advantageous for the end-client and less expensive for the endeavor business.

Example of Cloud Computing Platform

Few foremost public cloud companies take benefit of economies of scale and these public cloud companies include the following:

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  4. Salesforce
  5. Oracle Cloud
  6. IBM Cloud


To conclude, the cloud is everywhere these days because if you have a smartphone and internet then you differently need the cloud and its computing power.

Cloud usability and cloud computing operation are the new way to build, deploy and use a large number of applications on the internet today.

Getting the deep understanding of cloud functionality and the application of cloud computing can help student and software professional grow massively in IT career.

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