What is an EC2 instance?

In this AWS article, we are going to learn what is an EC2 instance? and why it is needed? also, we will see the usability of Elastic Cloud Compute.

EC2 instance is a virtual machine that has the ability to automatically increase or decrease its capacity at any time and only pays for what it uses.

It is a core component of AWS, also known as Amazon Web Services, which is a Cloud Computing Platform offered by Amazon, Inc.

EC2 Instance is used to run applications.


The EC2 instance is a type of virtual machine, with the idea of the use of the compute capacity in the cloud elastic.

To develop and deploy EC2 applications, developers need to pay per hour or use a free tier.

An EC2 instance is a virtual machine that you can launch in any of AWS’s geographic regions using AWS APIs or the AWS Management Console.

Since you have access to virtualized hardware, you have more flexibility with workload placement and redundancy.

What is an EC2 instance?

EC2 = Elastic Cloud Compute, it is a virtual machine utilized for computing capacity in the cloud elastic. 

Elastic cloud compute is a scalable and flexible type of computer that you can use to meet your short-term needs.


When you need more computing power, you can increase the number of EC2 instances that your application uses.

You can then scale back down when you don’t need as much power. This will allow you to pay only for the power that you need at any given time.

EC2 instances are the most popular way to use Elastic Cloud Compute as it provides a pre-configured environment tailored for your needs.

It is scalable and relocatable, meaning if you need more memory, processing power, or data storage capacity, you just scale up your instance to the next level of the Elastic Cloud Compute service.

Type of EC2 instance

An EC2 instance is running on Amazon Web Services, easily creating and running applications in cloud computing.

There are two main types of instances:

1. General-purpose

2. Compute-optimized.

You can choose your instance type by considering their usage scenarios for computing power, storage, or memory.

Whether you are a startup or enterprise company, create and run scalable applications in cloud computing like before.

In the EC2 instance, the computing service allows you to perform resizable compute capacity in the cloud system.

It allows developers to use a scalable number of virtual machines, storage units, and data transfer at any time and pay only for what they use, divided into four types

1. Micro instances,

2. Small instances,

3. Medium instances,

4. Large instances.

What are the Uses of EC2 instances?

Now the answer to that question is almost as obscure as questioning what you can do with a computer because an instance is basically a computer.

You can apply it to run an application, be it a web application or local, and You can log into the instance and utilize it as a remote virtual machine.

EC2 instances have distinct types of software installed to do all varieties of tasks, primarily computing and that is really what EC2 is all about.

It is an endlessly adaptable resource that can be utilized for whatever you need to work it for.

How to create EC2 instances?

In EC2 the fundamental building block is an instance, it is actually a virtual server that is working system‑agnostic.

To demonstrate the various perspectives of EC2 instances, I believed it might be easiest to go through the creation process of an instance.

There are numerous selections that are configurable with each instance, and we need to make decisions with each of these while creating an instance with EC2.

How to select Image for EC2?

There is AWS Marketplace that provides the ability to produce images that you can install easily and that most images are just the beginning.

Some images are full applications implemented by vendors that you can apply directly and the few examples are enterprise firewalls, security applications, and content management systems.

There is even a subscription model in place for images that vendors can utilize to charge users of their software.

The community can add images for open source software, like MEAN stack or MongoDB.

When you utilize the different types of open-source images in AWS, then you need to pay for the hardware to run images.

How to Select Instance types?

Once you select an image for your instance, the next step is to select the instance type.

These are actually the specification for your instance, the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM, and the network performance.

Using these three options, Amazon has created instance types, and families and Families grant an easy profile to help decide the right type for your use case.

For the machine learning work on EC2,  The compute-optimized family can be the best decision and Within each compute-optimized family, there are types like small, medium-large, extra-large, etc.

To understand this you need to compare the large instances and the general-purpose, memory-optimized, and compute-optimized families.

What is the Control group in EC2?

The general-purpose big instance gives a balance of CPU, memory, and network performance, and that you can apply it as a control group.

The memory-optimized large instance has a similar number of CPUs as the general-purpose instance, and twice the memory.

What are the Resources in EC2 Instance?

A relatively low-cost EC2 instance is a balance of memory, CPU, and disk resources, using the Elastic Cloud Compute.

It is the particular virtual machine invented by Amazon and They are divided into different instances, with all of these having multiple CPU processors and amounts of disk storage.

The EC2-M little instance has 1 vCPU with 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage, which is sufficient for multiple applications, including web servers or development servers that don’t need too much computing power.

How is EC2 instance Used for Application?

EC2 instances in AWS used to run your web applications and databases on AWS without any capital expenditure of hardware and infrastructure.

The Elastic Cloud Compute service offers resizable compute capacity in the cloud and it is a computer cloud platform for developing distributed applications.

Amazon EC2 is designed to make web-scale computing more manageable for developers and it Saves time and money by practicing EC2 to quickly and easily launch instances, with pay and use pricing.


The Amazon EC2 instance is a virtual machine on a cloud system for the best cloud computing operations.

It is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud and Amazon offers diverse types of EC2 instances to meet your application’s needs.

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