What is a Virtual Private Cloud in AWS?

You must be aware of the private cloud but what is a virtual private cloud and what is the exact use of it for your cloud operation in AWS.

So, now let us first understand what virtual private cloud is, and later on, we are going to discuss its usability in the AWS system.

A VPC is a private cloud container that is created in a public cloud computing environment to perform some private data operations.

It allows you to secure your resources into a separate container or groups that follow access rules and share a logical space.

VPC and EC2 instances in AWS

VPC is commonly used when launching EC2 instances in AWS whether in the service of Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, or by themselves to easily secure and control access to them.

You might have an idea about security groups as a key feature to control which IP addresses can talk with your EC2 instances, and VPC is the next evolution of that.

You would still use security groups for your instances while they are launched in a VPC, but Virtual Private Cloud also lets you have full control over routing tables, configuring NAT gateways for outbound traffic, and complete control over internal IP addresses for instances.

AWS Virtual Private Cloud Structure

what is a virtual private cloud

Inside each AWS Virtual Private Cloud are one or more subnets. These subnets are a further way to group your resources and assign different rules to each.

One of the main reasons for using multiple subnets within a VPC is to set up both private and public subnets.

The private subnet would house your databases and application instances. The private subnet would have no access to the internet at all, keeping it quite secure.

The public subnet, on the other hand, would have access to the internet and could utilize security groups to make it secure.

The private subnet may use a NAT gateway in the public subnet to securely access the internet.

You could also launch an EC2 instance in the public subnet to act as a tunnel to SSH into your private EC2 instances. Subnets provide another resource to increase the security of your AWS instances.

Virtual Private Cloud Security

what is a virtual private cloud

It is the combination of Two keyways that Virtual Private Cloud controls routing is with Route Tables and network access control lists (ACL).

Route tables allow you to override certain IP ranges and redirect the traffic elsewhere and the main use of it is to “control what goes where”.

A perfect use case is if you want to direct all outgoing traffic to a NAT gateway that will filter traffic and mask the instance’s IP address.

This can be accomplished with a single route table entry, Network access control lists, or ACLs that act as subnet‑level firewalls, allowing or disallowing IP ranges for both incoming and outgoing connections.

By utilizing both network ACLs and route tables, you can ensure that your instances have multiple levels of security.

Virtual Private Cloud Pricing

It is very simple and anyone can use It that means it is free, yes! There is no additional cost for using the virtual private cloud when launching or managing your AWS resources.

That means there’s no reason not to use it because it is free to utilize, So do yourself a favor and keep your applications secure with AWS VPC.

Use cases of Virtual Private Cloud

1. Build Static Website

Gain extra layers of protection and security, and make rules for inbound and outbound associations on the website.

Good in maintaining the personal data secure and easily accessible as per our privilege in the public cloud system.

2. Host multi-level web applications

Hosting a web application on VPC is a very easy and straightforward process to secure and restrict your data.

AWS PVC supports multi-level web application hosting and stringently uphold access and security limitations between your web workers, application workers, and data sets.

3. Design hybrid connections

Fulfill the particular necessities of every one of your applications regardless of whether you’re associating with AWS administrations in the cloud or on-premises.

Virtual Private cloud helps to make sure the multilevel connection between private and public cloud with the bi-direction relationship.


To conclude, the virtual private cloud in AWS is the best service to protect your important data if you want to secure it from others or want to maintain privacy.

VPC is acceptable at Secure and screen network associations, screen traffic, and limit admittance to occasions inside your virtual organization

It Spends less time setting up, overseeing, and approving your virtual organization, and focuses on building the applications that run inside it.

AWS VPC uses to Customize your virtual systems administration climate by picking your own IP Address range, making subnets, and configuring route tables.

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