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In this blog, we will discuss top mining pools in India you can use to mine cryptocurrency efficiently with earning more crypto in your wallet.

The popularity of cryptocurrency mining has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Cryptocurrency mining pools are groups of miners who pool their computing power together to mine faster and more efficiently by dividing the reward equally among the members of the pool.

If you’re looking to get into mining cryptocurrencies in India, here are the best mining pools in India that are worth considering, along with a brief explanation of each one of them.

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Top Mining Pools in India

Mining pools provide users with a service that allows them to avoid using their own resources to mine, thus saving them time and money. Below are the top mining pools you can use in India for mining crypto.

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1. BTC Guild

The oldest pool around, BTC Guild has been consistently paying out to miners for years now and is a great choice for smaller miners as it has a relatively low minimum payout of 0.01BTC.

The downside is that its website can be somewhat hard to use if you’re not familiar with mining pools.

In addition, only Bitcoin mining is supported here; no alternative cryptocurrencies are offered at present.

2. KnCMiner

Located in Sweden, KnCMiner is a relative newcomer to cryptocurrency mining, They’ve carved out a name for themselves by providing stellar service, and have earned numerous awards as a company that’s not afraid to think outside of the box.

They also happen to offer one of our favorite cloud-mining services – making them perfect for those with limited technical experience who want to test their skill before diving into buying their own equipment.

The next section details each operation’s respective methods of obtaining new coins including pool/cloud participation information, which coins are being mined where, and when certain pools or clouds can be joined.

3. AntPool

AntPool is one of Bitcoin’s oldest mining pools, which means they are not only reliable but also trusted by many.

AntPool is run by Bitmain Technologies Ltd., a leading company in hardware manufacturing for Bitcoin miners.

As such, it contains some of ASIC’s best technology and allows its users to mine with little difficulty.

This makes AntPool ideal for beginner miners who need a more simple interface. The average fees on AntPool tend to be lower than most other major pools as well – 0.25% compared to 1%.

The only downside you might experience here is slow connectivity as it does not have much infrastructure support behind it.

However, there have been no issues regarding connection speeds or downtime at all.

4. Ethereum Mining Pool

Ethereum is one of many cryptocurrencies being mined today. If you’re interested in getting started with Ethereum mining, it’s important to set up a reputable Ethereum mining pool.

Note that we mentioned Ethereum mining pool and not Ethereum cloud mining. The latter is a cloud-based system where users purchase hash power from a third-party provider, and it doesn’t involve owning or managing any actual hardware yourself.

5. Stellite Mining Pool

It is a great pool for beginners, as it gives out almost instant payouts. You can download its GUI miner from its website or from Github. For advanced users, you can even try to build your own Stellite miners on Github.

Since it doesn’t have as many features as Slush Pool and isn’t too popular yet, you may want to join a bigger pool instead of using it on your own.

However, if you are just starting out with mining, then there is no better place than a Stellite mining pool.

Another advantage of Stellite over Slush Pool is that it supports merged mining. While both Siacoin and Decred are good coins to mine together with Bitcoin, only Stellite provides such an option at present.

6. Zebpay Bitcoin Mining Pool

Zebpay is a new bitcoin mining pool from India. I have tested it for mining and found its performance really excellent.

Currently, you can mine 11 cryptocurrencies using Zebpay including Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Monero, etc.,

At present, there are not many mining pools in India so I recommend trying Zebpay if you are looking for a good bitcoin mining pool.

7. Litecoin Pool

Open source pools are a good choice for users who want to avoid mining centralization and pool hopping.

This is because their code can be freely audited for bad behavior and modified. You’ll have to do some research to find which one is best for you.

One of them has already been mentioned above, others worth looking into include BTCGuild and Prohashing, Check out LitecoinPoolExplorer for a list of active pools.

8. DeepOnion mining pool

This is one of the top mining pools of bitcoin and another cryptocurrency. Most profitable and highly paying crypto mining pool with the lowest 0.9% fee for all crypto coin miners.

It has a simple registration process, transparent stats page, great support along with stable servers for mining, Work on Windows and Linux platforms. Compatible devices are Antminer, Dragon miner, Baikal miner, Gridseed, etc.

DeepOnion offers you the benefits of fast speed transactions without slow confirmation time as in BTC blockchain because it works over the TOR network which will never be banned by any country for using it.

9. Koinex Bitcoin Mining Pool

Koinex is a new bitcoin mining pool with some really nice features. First of all, it’s highly transparent and straightforward.

Secondly, Koinex allows users to mine without owning any equipment whatsoever. Lastly, it has an excellent API to access its mining pools via mining software and mining hardware.

Koinex is relatively new but very promising and one of the best bitcoin mining pools in India at present.

10. Siacoin Mining Pool

Siacoin pools are where miners come together to pool their resources and share their hashing power while splitting up the reward equally according to each member’s contributed mining hash rate.

With a Siacoin mining pool, smaller miners can get together and mine with a fairly low hash rate but will get paid for their efforts much faster.

11. Unocoin Mining Pool

This one’s easy. For starters, Unocoin lets you mine any cryptocurrency of your choice, making it an attractive option for beginners who want to make a quick buck.

It also supports Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, so if you’re looking to buy large amounts of BTC or ETH as part of your investment strategy, it could be worth checking out.

Just remember that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose or more than you can afford when prices dip (which they will).

Cryptocurrency is incredibly volatile and there are plenty of horror stories floating around about exchanges getting hacked and users losing everything.

12. F2Pool

In operation since December 2013, F2Pool is a decentralized mining pool created by an anonymous developer who goes by BW.

The platform operates like any other mining pool, but instead of getting paid for each share you contribute to solving a block, F2Pool charges a 2% fee on all payouts.

Most importantly, though, F2Pool is consistently one of the largest pools on Earth meaning it usually finds more blocks than any other pool.

13. Ripple Mining pools

Once you’ve got a mining pool, you can now decide on which currency to mine. The larger pools have more hash power, so they find blocks more often.

This is useful if security is important to you, but it may not be worth it for small miners or hobbyists with little money to spend.

All About BTC explains that finding new bitcoins uses a proof of work system; whoever finds hashes first gets rewarded with bitcoins and everyone else gets paid from their reward.

14. Slush Pool

Veteran outfit with some useful help for newbies. Slush is one of the very first Bitcoin mining pools since 2010, not exactly small in size, one of the major attractions for beginners is that it offers a relatively easy setup through a simple website interface.

While its native software might be lacking somewhat, do note that there is no shortage of 3rd party apps like Multiminer to choose from if you wish to use something more feature-rich.

Apart from bitcoins, you can also mine altcoins using your hardware here (at reduced rates).

Do keep in mind if you’re using miners supplied by other pool operators or bought from outside that there may be certain restrictions depending on which coin you are mining due to their internal policies and procedures.


One way to avoid missing out on profits is to mine for bitcoins yourself. However, Bitcoin mining has become increasingly hard for solo operators due to extremely powerful Bitcoin mining rigs called ASICs.

In fact, these machines have a computational power that can be around 300,000 times faster than traditional CPUs.

To make matters worse, it takes years for an ASIC-based miner to pay off. Some professional miners don’t even cover their electricity costs with their profits from mining Bitcoins.

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