Tokenomics Crypto: Top 11 Projects

In this blog, you are going to learn the Tokenomics and what are the Tokenomics-based Crypto Projects currently working on around the globe.

You might have heard the term tokenomics before and might be wondering what it is all about and the connection with crypto.

Well, the truth is that you will come across this term while reading more about crypto projects in different forums, blogs, and websites online today.

But do you know what tokenomics really mean? Have you ever wondered how crypto projects can use this term in their crypto tokens?

If not, then let us tell you the exact meaning of tokenomics and the top tokenomics crypto projects out there today which you should be aware of and should check out if you are interested in getting involved with such crypto projects on a deeper level.

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What is Tokenomics Crypto?

What’s the best crypto token? Which ones have the most potential to become lucrative investments?

There are many factors that go into answering these questions, and one of the biggest variables is tokenomics, or more specifically, the economics of each individual crypto token.

All projects are different, and each one features its own unique characteristics that help to determine its potential as an investment opportunity or other use case.

Tokenomics is one of the most important factors when determining which crypto projects are likely to succeed and/or become profitable.

In short, tokenomics refers to the theory and practice around how a crypto project works on a fundamental level.

The crypto market is huge: there are over 2000 traded crypto tokens. However, the crypto token economy is still in its infancy.

Some projects have well-defined use cases and established economics, while others only feature a white paper with a description of a proposed economic model.

Top 10 Tokenomics Crypto Projects

Below we’ll take a look at 10 of the top tokenomics crypto projects and discuss some of the outstanding features that make them stand out among their competitors.

1) Binance Coin (BNB)

The Binance Coin is an Ethereum-based symbolic that permits clients to get a markdown for any charges on the Binance stage, an unadulterated cryptographic money trade that intends to make a decentralized trade for blockchain resources.

Digital currency can also be used to pay fees when trading cryptocurrencies on other exchanges.

2) Zilliqa (ZIL)

One of the top 10 coins, Zilliqa is a public, permission-less blockchain that features high throughput and scalability (able to process thousands of transactions per second).

Its core innovation is sharding a technique that partitions nodes into groups, allowing them to process transactions in parallel.

This enables Zilliqa to scale to thousands of transactions per second while maintaining its security.

As an open-source project, anybody can participate in developing or using Zilliqa for free.

Starting from $0.02: Currently ranked as #127 on CoinMarketCap based on market cap.

3) Hedera Hashgraph (HHS)

The Hashgraph platform is designed to solve a very real problem: existing blockchain-based systems aren’t fast enough.

HHS has demonstrated transaction speeds of over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) making it 100 times faster than Ethereum.

For comparison, Visa says that it can process 24,000 TPS on average at any given time. This could prove to be a game-changer for payment processing and decentralized apps alike. You can learn more about Hedera’s unique consensus algorithm here.

In addition to its speed benefits, Hedera also plans to support smart contracts in its native language, so we may see some interesting developments from them in 2019.

4) Request Network (REQ)

The main purpose of REQ is to allow anyone anywhere in the world to request a payment. This can be done through email, chat, messaging applications, and more.

The receiver doesn’t need to have a Request account; they can accept payments through an external wallet address.

Additional features include built-in escrow, instant transactions, cross-currency settlement, and real-time transaction fees.

All funds are denominated in ether (ETH), While it has just emerged onto the scene within the past year, it has since become one of 2018’s fastest-growing tokens.

The true potential of blockchain technology is realized when it can provide information and services that have been traditionally centralized.

Chainlink provides such solutions by enabling smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments.

It aims to become a global network that allows anyone to easily setup their own decentralized oracle marketplace.

6) Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) uses an innovative layered architecture where each layer has its own consensus mechanism.

Cardano uses Ouroboros as its proof-of-stake algorithm with a Daedalus wallet scheduled for release in Q1 2018.

7) Aeternity (AE)

tokenomics crypto Aeternity

Aeternity is a next-generation public blockchain and decentralized application platform that focuses on solving problems of scalability, transaction rate, and interoperability.

By using state channels, Aeternity can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with near-zero fees.

8) Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin tokenomics crypto

Ravencoin uses a Proof-of-Work mining algorithm with a variable block reward, which will adjust itself depending on how many coins have been mined. The time for finding a block is estimated to be about 1 minute.

Ravencoin will cap out at 21 billion coins in total, so unlike Bitcoin, there is no deflationary aspect to it and no need for an inflation schedule.

This is because there are plans of doing away with mining entirely (Proof-of-Stake) once enough people are on board running masternodes.

Masternodes require 1000 RVN each, so that would mean about 600 million coins must be held by users interested in running masternodes.

9) Dentacoin (DCN)

tokenomics crypto Dentacoin

Dentacoin is a blockchain-based platform that’s looking to leverage its cutting-edge technology to make dental care more affordable and efficient than ever before.

Dentacoin has been used in over 200 dentists worldwide while helping patients save up to 75% on basic checkups and other procedures.

Its native token, DCN, can be spent through user-friendly mobile apps designed for people to seek expert advice from global dentists and benefit from a 50% discount when paying for services using DCN.

And since it’s an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, investors can store their coins with any Ethereum wallet or use a third-party provider like MyEtherWallet.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among everyday consumers as they understand how they can utilize cryptocurrency tokens in their daily lives.

10) 0x Protocol (ZRX)

tokenomics crypto 0x Protocol

0x Protocol aims to be a protocol that facilitates low friction peer-to-peer exchange of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The protocol is intended to serve as an open standard and foundational building block, with a vision for future interoperability with all ERC20 compatible protocols. In other words, 0x will become part of how decentralized applications are built-in Ethereum.

It should also function as infrastructure for crypto-asset marketplaces, crowdfunds/ICOs, and others in the future.

This project was founded by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali in October 2016 (Founding team: Will Warren Co-founder & CEO; Amir Bandeali – Co-founder & CTO).

They believe tokenization will drive economic growth through efficient asset trading by harnessing network effects.

11) IOSToken (IOST).

IOSToken tokenomics crypto

IOSToken is an ERC20 utility token designed to be used on a next-generation, scalable blockchain platform.

The token also has a staking feature in which users can generate new coins by holding IOST tokens in their wallets for a certain period of time.

This is different from proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus algorithms.


Not long ago the term tokenomics was just an unknown word that not even the most hardcore crypto enthusiasts used or even heard of before.

But now, it’s an essential part of being well versed in the cryptocurrency space and there are many new tokenomics projects popping up on an almost daily basis.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 tokenomics crypto projects or coins for you to consider investing in, as these projects offer strong tokenomics features and use cases that should ensure their success over the coming years.