Top 14 Initial Coin Offering Platforms

In this blog, we will see the top Initial Coin Offering Platforms, with features and demand of each IOC platform in detail.

There are several options and platforms when it comes to launching an initial coin offering (ICO) for your company.

Whether you’re creating your own token or just offering access to something you have already developed, there are many benefits of using a coin offering platform to make it happen.

These Initial Coin Offering Platforms are designed to streamline the ICO process, making it easier and more effective than trying to do it all on your own.

Here are the top 14 initial coin offering platforms you should consider when planning your ICO campaign.

TOP Initial Coin Offering Platforms

Here is a curated list of initial coin offering platforms, providing a summary of all things ICO.

Learn about what makes different initial coin offering platforms great and how to spot potential scams when choosing an initial coin offering platform for your next ICO project.

Plus, get links to different ICO listing sites so you can easily do your own research into each initial coin offering project. The more informed you are, the better your chance of investing in a successful ICO project!


TokenMarket is a full-service ICO advisory and blockchain consulting firm. They help you manage your ICO from end to end, including smart contract development, community management, and marketing. 

You can easily create an initial coin offering (ICO) with their innovative platform or find one of their many pre-existing projects that suits your needs.

To date, they have helped launch over 50 token sales raising more than $200 million in funding.

The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Qtum tokens.

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CoinSchedule is one of our favorite initial coin offering platforms because it simplifies things so much for investors that we don’t think twice about posting our reviews there.

The platform supports both upcoming and ongoing initial coin offerings making it really simple for potential investors to keep up with all of their favorites in one place.

It also allows users to review projects using a simple thumbs up or thumbs down system which really cuts down on scams because no words need be wasted talking about them! CoinSchedule has a high rate of successful token sales as well!

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3. ICORating:

ICORating uses professional analysts to determine what they believe is fairly valued initial coin offering prices.

They then use those ratings as guidelines for prospective investors interested in evaluating new projects.

If you’re looking for detailed information on how other people feel about any given project it is definitely worth checking out!

The only downside is that their database of past ICOs/token sales isn’t particularly large, so if you want a bigger list of all kinds of details, sites like Smith and Crown may be more up your alley.

4. SwissBorg

a wealth management platform built on cryptocurrency values, which offers asset management and investment opportunities with a risk/reward ratio that is based on token holder value.

It offers best-in-class investment strategies in cryptocurrencies, to ensure each investor gets professionally tailored advice and portfolio management as per their needs.

SwissBorg also features an open API that allows third-party developers to build financial products on top of it, including but not limited to trading algorithms and Robo-advisors.

5. Coss

Founded in 2017, COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution. It is an all-in-one e-commerce platform and crypto wallet where users can buy goods with crypto coins or spend their digital currency.

It also facilitates individuals to convert their virtual currencies into fiat money through a fiat gateway system. As of October 2017, COSS had processed transactions worth more than $15 million. 

The Hong Kong-based company has been featured on several popular media outlets including Forbes, Nasdaq, INC, and Entrepreneur magazine.

To get started with COSS you need to register and verify your account after which you will be able to deposit funds by transferring them from another cryptocurrency exchange such as Bittrex or Binance.

COSS wants to make cryptocurrency trading easy by making it possible to do so directly on their exchange with any altcoin they list. On top of that, they offer 0% trading fees if you use their native token that’s right.

There are platforms out there that take huge cuts off every trade made on their exchange! With COSS, those days are over; trade without worry because 0% trading fees mean what you see is what you get.

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6. OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger DEX is a high-performance decentralized exchange that offers cryptocurrency users a simple and secure platform on which to buy, sell and trade digital assets.

It’s an ecosystem made up of three integrated platforms: OpenLedger DEX, GetGame, and OBITS.

OpenLedger is designed to handle transactions quickly and securely via user-friendly apps that can be used across all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS) without compromising security or performance.

7. Smart Contract Korea

Smart Contract Korea is a trusted platform for creating and launching ICO tokens (cryptocurrencies).

Smart Contract Korea provides all of the necessary tools to create your own digital currency in one convenient place. When you want to launch an ICO, look no further than Smart Contract Korea.  

You’ll be able to access their platform directly through their website; that way, you won’t have to worry about scammers or other third parties taking advantage of your good name.

The team at Smart Contract Korea has plenty of experience under their belts—and they know how to get results.

They work with many projects each year; last year alone they helped develop 23 new cryptocurrency platforms.

These are big names like Hello Token, Foogle Finance, Byte Finance, Bank Finance, and others!

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8. ProjectICO:

Creating an ICO has never been easier! With ProjectICO’s intuitive interface, customized support, and blockchain technology, they provide everything needed to start crowdfunding via cryptocurrency or fiat cash today! No technical expertise is required.

Setting up an account takes minutes, and Making updates only takes seconds, so Create your unique coin/token today!

ProjectICO is simply revolutionary; you will not find a more advanced platform anywhere else online.

Designed with Blockchain technology in mind, all digital assets are safe and secure for our clients.

In addition to advanced security protocols for financial data encryption, we keep client funds in cold storage wallets that aren’t connected to any network (internet) for further protection against hackers or intruders.

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9. CoinLaunch:

CoinLaunch offers all-in-one integrated services including white label exchanges on a customizable web dashboard.

New projects can access development, legal, marketing & community management talent through creative agency partners.

Token issuers obtain one-stop services such as KYC compliance and smart contract development from industry experts who have completed more than $1 billion worth of transactions combined.

10. Exchange Gate:

Exchange Gate lets you trade with over 100 different coins/tokens through several major payment options, including credit cards or direct bank transfers.

For individuals who want to purchase individual coins outside of ICOs but don’t want all of their funds tied up in exchange-based crypto, Exchange Gate offers both security and flexibility.

Since they make very few promises regarding new coin releases (other than what you might get during an initial coin offering), they are one of the safest ways to get your hands on a wide range of altcoins without making your cash jump around multiple exchanges.


It offers customizable templates that allow businesses and crypto-experts alike to generate fresh new tokens within minutes.

And since blockchain technology allows us to generate unique cryptographic keys for each token we create, users can also customize their name and logo as well.

Create your own custom ICO or STO tokens quickly through Tokenza with a few easy steps.

12. Moon Project

Moon has a stunning interface and design that makes it not only one of our favorite ICO launching platforms but also a pretty destination to explore.

It’s easy to navigate, sleek, modern, and intuitive, This is an excellent platform for launching ICO tokens (cryptocurrencies).

Moon Project is straightforward to use with clear categories and detailed information on each stage of an ICO launch.

13. Waves

Waves is an open blockchain platform that allows users to issue, transfer, swap, and trade custom tokens.

Waves were designed in 2016 by Russian physicist Sasha Ivanov, and its ICO raised $16 million.

Waves combine bitcoin’s core infrastructure with Ethereum’s smart contract features.

Since launching in June 2016, Waves has become a go-to platform for businesses seeking to create their own custom token using blockchain technology.

14. Ethereum

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is one of today’s most popular ICO platforms. It allows users to raise funds with a token (cryptocurrency) based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology.

The Ethereum platform supports ERC20, which means that tokens created through Ethereum can easily be stored and managed using Ethereum wallets.

Overall, developers are extremely pleased with how much functionality is included in Ethereum smart contracts the language used to write code on Ethereum’s blockchain network.


We have already talked briefly about the Top ICO List in relation to other listing sites however we wanted to put special emphasis on just how good these guys are at creating a positive user experience while surfing through all of their top-rated initial coin offerings.

While looking for potential cryptocurrency projects you might be able to lose track of time due to so many featured listings, constantly updating themselves with new information and videos.

The best thing about Top ICO List is that not only do they supply informative content but it’s presented in such an interactive way that you can’t help but actually learn something new.

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