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In this article, we are going the see the top trending and world-famous Artificial Intelligence Movies that have altered the human outlook on AI.

AI is the fastest-growing master field in today’s industry and technology world whereas it is highly utilized in every aspect of business and society nowadays.

IT has several utopian and dystopian impacts on society still there is no law and no government regulation on it which is creating more chaos in the world.

Still, we haven’t seen any huge negative impact of Artificial intelligence in the world but we can expect several negative possibilities in the future.

Following different types of science fiction, Artificial intelligence movies can give you the future perspective of AI and some learning lessons from it.

Top Artificial Intelligence Movies (Robotics):

Check the following top 10 movies with artificial intelligence for learning purposes to increase your imagination and knowledge as well.

1. Ex Machina (2014)

Ex machina is the one of Artificial Intelligence movies

Ex Machina is an AI-based technology and psychological film based on a fiction thriller movie written and directed by Alex Garland.

It is created to show the impact and prediction of AI technology and how the artificial intelligence-based artificial neural network brain can evolve and optimize based on experiences.

This movie shows the future drawback and the negative effects of an artificial humanoid robot.

2. Transcendence (2014)

Transcendence - The Artificial Intelligence Movies

Transcendence film is an Artificial intelligence weird example to show people how it can evolve and to what extent it can control the whole world.

This movie is based on human intelligence how the human consciousness can upload to the AI-based system and how negatively the artificial system optimizes rapidly this is shown in this movie.

How the scientists take the AI on dangerous changes when his memory is get added to the AI system.

3. Upgrade (2018)

It is the future-based movies that try to show the future aspect of Artificial intelligence to control humans for their purpose.

In this movie, they are trying to show the influence of the AI system on the human body in the form of a chip to take complete control.

Similar to Ex Machina this movie was created trying to show the future drawback and the negative effects of the Humanoid AI-based system on human society.

4. TAU

Tau movie is based on a scientist who has created an AI-based system to control humans and it also manages the house.

In this movie, the creator shows the several realities and the application of Artificial Intelligence and how it can control the complete house.

It also shows how the novice AI can learn and how humans can train it from basic for negative and possible purposes.

5. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence Movie

In the Artificial intelligence movie creator shown the advanced humanoid robot small boy which is created for a rich family.

Later on in the movies, the robot boy started learning the human emotions and behaviors and getting attracted to his mother and her love.

In this movie creator trying to show the future prediction of humanoid robots and their possibilities.

6. Her

Her movies are related to Artificial intelligence-based operating systems similar to virtual assistance like Siri or Cortana.

The actor gives the name called Samantha to the operating system which exacts like a human who behaves like a girlfriend.

This movie shows how the voice assistant can play the role of a specific person in the future and how it can solve the issue of several lonely people.

7. Replicas (2018)

The concept of This movie is similar to or based on Frankenstein and Ex Machina in it is the AI-based high-tech world, “Replicas” in this movie Keanu Reeves as Will Foster, a top employee at Bionyne company, there he is working on transplanting the human consciousness.

Similarly, after losing his family member he tried the same process on each one body to make them alive. there are a lot more up-downs in the film, at last, he transplants his own memory into a robot that builds something similar to him.

So, you can learn here how the human consciousness can reuse using Artificial intelligence. and the future possibilities of AI. 

8. I Robot

This movie is based on humanoid robots and the world in 2035 where the world might be covered with highly Artificial intelligence-based types of machinery and robotics.

This movie tries to show the human civilization and robotics war between laws to protect humans from robots.

It shows the future possibilities of AI laws and different types of crimes that can be performed by humanoid robots and human actions about that.

9. Chappie

The movie actor is an AI-based robot and weapon developer in one weapon manufacturing company and he created the prototype artificial intelligence At home which can mimic the human mind or learn from it, similarly, it also contains feeling emotions and having opinions.

The android-based robots get in the terrorist hand and how that robots learn all the bad things like a small baby.

This movie tries to mention the feature and drawbacks of the humanoid robot in human society.

10. Enthiran (Robot)

Robot is the box office hit AI-based Indian movie which is created to show human emotions and decision impact on society through the robot creation.

In this movie how the creator of the robot teaches him to learn from his surroundings and how the actor adds emotion to the robot.

In this movie, they mentioned how the positive and negative instruction programming chip can change robot behaviors and emotions and then how that robot can destroy society.


All the above movies are totally based on Artificial Intelligence technology where they have tried to show the future prospective of humanoid robots their benefits and similarly the drawback for human society.

These movies are science fiction movies that are only for entertainment and learning purposes and it also helps to know about the AI-based technology and the way it looks.

This article is created with the help of movies for multiple reasons like to increase your interest in AI learning and technologies, gain the future possibilities of artificial intelligence, and why Important laws and regulations should need to implement in the future? etc.

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