What is Self Driving Car? – Features, Applications

In this article on self-driving cars, we are going to learn what is a self-driving car? And what are the different functionalities and applications of it?

It’s truly a magical moment when a self-driving car makes you wonder if you ask this “Am I actually in a driverless car? while the car is moving on the road.

The term autonomous vehicle is also sometimes used to describe the technology in this field, as opposed to mobile robots or vehicles.

One of the main usage scenarios for autonomous vehicles is described as self-driving cars.

While an extensive list of such scenarios is possible, some of the more commonly touted benefits include increased safety and better utilization of existing roadways through improved traffic flow interaction.

Recent statistics have shown that in most countries, over 90% of collisions are due to human error.

Another inefficiency results from people being forced to drive their cars in a manner largely inconsistent with their skill level and actual demands, while merely paying attention to ensure they do not cause an accident.

What is the Self Driving Car?

Self-driving cars, a technology that is expected to revolutionize the automobile and transportation industries.

The self-driving car is a driverless car, which is also known as the autonomous vehicle (AV), or robotic car (robo-car) based on AI technology.

This type of car incorporates vehicular automation, that is, a ground vehicle which is having the ability to sense the environment and move safely without or with human input.

Most self-driving cars use a combination of technologies and sensors that allow the car to automatically change lanes, make turns, and Parallel Park without any assistance from the driver.

There is a large debate about whether these cars should be classified as robots or the equivalent of traditional vehicles with autopilot.

SAE International has defined 6 levels of autonomy for cars, starting at Level 0 (no automation) and going up to Level 5 (automated steering wheel optional).

How does a Self-Driving Car Work?

The self-driving mode in cars is not like the ones seen in films where the car drives with no driver.

This feature is still in development and will not be fully available for some time.

When it is, there will also need to be regulations put in place before it can be used on the roads.

The object detection AI-based technology can easily differentiate object like rocks, cars, and other things on road and with the help of this information, the self-driving car automatically controls itself and avoid a collision.

The self-driving car has an auto-pilot system that takes care of the driver so that he/she doesn’t get distracted at the time of driving.

The car function well while making moves on-road that automatically make turns, change lanes, and parallel park when needed.

Functionalities of Self Driving Cars

A self-driving car is a vehicle that has the ability to take control of all necessary tasks, such as staying in its lane, maintaining legal speed limits, and reacting to unexpected obstacles.

Self-driving cars are equipped with many safety features, The most important feature is the front-mounted radar that enables the car to detect objects in front of it.

There are many companies working on this technology including Tesla, Google, and Nissan.

How does AI Work in Smart Control Systems?

This is a system that controls the car to make decisions, such as when it needs to take over driving for the driver in autonomous mode.

This artificial intelligence also manages all the data in this computerized system.

It is made up of various software and hardware components that are used for computing purposes.

These components are interconnected by a network that facilitates communication between them.

The AI works differently depending on its type, but in general, they are based on machine learning algorithms.

Applications of a Self Driving Car

Self-driving cars are a type of vehicle that is guided by computers, rather than a human driver.

These cars have been used in many different situations, from being driven on roads to being used as a taxi service.

Although the idea of a self-driving car is controversial, these cars have an advantage because they minimize the risk of human error and can be much safer than other types of vehicles.

How Car Industry Evolving?

What is a self-driving car? It’s a car that can fully drive itself without human input on any road or traffic condition.

Now, you might think that this is pretty cool because it could take away your need to drive, but you’re still going to have to look for parking and gas money.

Read the different examples to see how self-driving cars are already getting tested on our roads, how they will impact the transportation industry, and how are they already changing our lives.

It might sound familiar to you as an exciting concept, but this technology is not at all new. As early as the 1920s, vehicles have been equipped with systems that attempted to automate one or more aspects of driving.

Over time, autonomous technology has evolved and become nearly commonplace in the automotive industry.

Every time you see a self-parking car or one outfitted with the latest safety features, you’re getting a glimpse into what the future of transportation may look like.

Examples of Self Driving Cars

1. Google Self Driving Car

Did you know that Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle project, recently launched a self-driving car pilot in Phoenix? The service can be accessed through several undrafted drivers.

The goal is to be able to offer this pilot and automated technology to everyone in the metro region.

Last year, there were over 6,000 pedestrian deaths or serious injuries nationwide and 67% of them occurred at night.

In 2016, the United States had over 6 million pedestrian-related injuries and fatalities. That’s why Waymo is testing its fleet between 7 am and 10 pm, in areas like Phoenix with heavy foot traffic at night and during the weekends.

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2. Tesla Self Driving Car

What are Tesla Motors models of self-driving cars? Tesla Motors is a company that makes and sells electric and self-driving cars, SUVs.

They are based in Palo Alto, California. The company was founded by Elon Musk and currently, there are working on electric and self-driving cars.

Tesla markets vehicles, lithium-ion battery and supercharging stations through their website directly to consumers.

They practice under an organizational model called direct-to-consumer marketing. This means people buy directly from Tesla instead of GM or Chrysler

Is a Self Driving Car Safer than Normal Car?

Yes, self-driving cars are safer than human-driven ones. Innumerable studies and investigations show that AVs will make driving significantly safer by eliminating some of the most common causes of road accidents: speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving.

The car has sensors and radar systems that enable it to detect obstacles on the road, identify them, and then change lanes depending on the size of the obstacle.

The self-driving car can also park itself in an available parking area without a driver in the seat.


There are a lot more you can explore about the self-driving car and there is more amount of research still going on as that to how to make these types of vehicles more advanced and reliable.

The self-driving car is the revolution in the Automobile industry whereas it is a new invention and usability of Artificial intelligence and deep learning technology.